'MY BROTHER'S KEEPER' is ten-year visual diary documenting the relationship and everyday interactions between her three elder children and the youngest of the four, Jake who has Down's Syndrome. "Jake recently turned ten and, for me, this project is very much a reflection on the last decade, on family dynamics and how he has changed our world," Sarah told us. "'My Brother's Keeper' is so precious and personal and I have been keeping it close to my chest, but I feel that now is the right time to show these images in print."

The Hampshire-based pro confessed that the project began as a solution to Jake's language barrier. "He was without language for a very long time which is generally the case for children who have Down's syndrome and not knowing whether he would ever speak I suppose it became really important to have visual cues for him, so he could do things like take a photobook of images of his family and activities to school, and so photography became the perfect way for me to explore and share his world," she recalls, "and as part of that I've watched and documented his siblings grow and bond with him in a very different way and it's been a very special thing. They feel a responsibility for him and they champion him."

It's this exploration of her children's bond that carries the photo essay, with the title itself a direct reference to the response that Cain gives to God's question 'Where is Able, thy brother?' Cain responds, 'I am not my brother's keeper'. "It's very much a contemplation of the powerful ties that bind within family, the stresses and strains exerted upon each family member as we navigate growth individually whilst at the same time maintaining the nuclear family unit. Where does one person end and another begin? As a parent, I feel it's crucial to understand the forces at play within my family, egotistical and altruistic, in particular where a child with special needs is present. This personal project gives a voice to these concerns."

~Natalie Denton, Professional Photography Magazine

'Look Within'

'Sister Mother'

'Not Arnie'

'My Youngest Boy. My Eldest Care'

'As Close As Hands And Feet'

'My Brother's Keeper'